Sparql query examples:

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To query sindice knowledge:

Sindice ingests RDF, RDFa, Microformats (and soon microdata). The model is “Page Based” where the name of the graph is the URL where the data was fetched. E.g. To ask the phone numbers of the people named Richard in you can query as follows:

PREFIX foaf: <>
SELECT  ?person ?phone
  GRAPH <> {
    a foaf:Person ;
    foaf:givenName "Richard" ;
        foaf:phone ?phone .

Notice: this works at single URL level. Support for SITE level queries (e.g. anything from ) is broken already ;-) please wait a few days as we fix this.

To query Microformats, you must use the RDF equivalent property and class names as we defined in our documentation.

E.g. to ask for all the events with their location, start date and end date you can query as follows:

PREFIX ical: <>
    a ical:Vevent ;
    ical:location ?location ;
    ical:dtstart ?start ;
    ical:dtend ?end .

Enjoy! Please report to sindice-dev group.